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Living in Storeys....

Peru Rainforest Amazon Pachitea Llullapichis Panguana Species Diversity : Ein leben in Stockwerken

The terra firma of the rainforest seems gloomy and quiet to first-time visitors. Even botanists and zoologists are disappointed at first that they are neither surrounded by blooming splendor nor glittering hummingbirds. Only around two percent of the sunlight ever reaches the ground, thus it is no wonder that here in the shade there is only sparse growth and few colors, and one is able to move about quite freely. The real splendor and diversity of the rainforest goes right over our heads, of you will, if we don't have recourse to climbing ropes or other tools that help up climb the trees. The largest diversity is up in the treetops. But let us first stay down here on the ground, where we have learned how to see after a couple of hours, and are fascinated with the adaptation of the grasshopper and horny toads, from the will to survive of the "hopeful sprouts" (Terborgh, 1991) of which most die before they ever see a ray of sun.

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