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Plants on the forest floor

Maranta (Marantacece)

Despite the poor light conditions, certain plants such as the Marantaceae (genus Maranta) can thrive. In some places they can even cover large parts of the forest floor.


The many kinds of flowers in the tropical rainforest can be grouped according to the partnerships they have with certain animals. Butterflies and hummingbirds recognize the red end of the color spectrum in the bright tubular flower of a Heloconia and take care of their pollination.

Blüte einer Heliconia

Peru Rainforest Amazon Pachitea Llullapichis Panguana Species Diversity : Pflanzen am Boden

Down here it is dark and sticky, with greens and browns in all variations. The forest floor's vegetation is sparse and made up almost exclusively of young trees. Other than various Marantaceae, there are few herbs.

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